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YV Educational Resources Inc. is a non-profit that serves as a partner in practice to all of those on the front lines of educating young minds. We help administrators, teachers, and coaches draw upon current research to enhance instruction and improve learning outcomes. We offer a wide range of curriculum development assistance. No matter the subject area or state, we have the tools to assist any educator or school unlock their students' full potential.


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Our Servuces


Our Services

Curriculum Development

Our curriculum development services work with schools to design purposeful, progressive, and well planned curriculum that will positively improve student academic success.

Test Preparation

We offer Regents prep courses, online and in person to prepare students for the New York State Regents. 


We tailor our professional developments to the  needs and concerns of your school, paying close attention to student demographics and achievement data.  



Student Notebook

The interactive workbook is designed to meet the needs of both teacher and student. This workbook can be used as a Teacher's Guide or as a student workbook. It challenges students to become critical thinkers while completing activities that are aligned with Common Core learning standards. It allows the teacher to swiftly cover important content that is aligned with the US History Curriculum Map.


"I signed up for a social studies webinar several months ago. The panel consisted of educators from all over the country. Each of them had a unique way of teaching. When Yaritza Villalba presented her material, everyone, including the panel, was blown away. First of all, Yaritza exudes infectious positive energy and enthusiasm. It is clear that she loves being an educator and genuinely enjoys sharing her ideas with others. Secondly, there is an innovative creativity in the way Yaritza presents the content to her students. She brilliantly connects the past to the present to make the history aligned to current day events. By doing this, Yaritza ensures that students will be highly engaged with the content. Lastly, she carefully curates the use of technology into her lessons to allow for accessibility and flexibility. I highly recommend her nonprofit, YV Resources. Yaritza offers a variety of professional development educator workshops for all ability levels. I am a novice-level tech person. Yet, I feel so comfortable with attending and participating in her workshops. If you want to have A TON of fun while learning relevant concepts, YV Resources is THE site to visit."

Dr. Traci N. Smith 

Professor at Ball State

New Orleans


Tech For All


In the midst of virtual learning and the ongoing acknowledgment of the disparities that exist in Black and Brown communities, there is a devastating need for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)  to be equipped with the necessary resources and skills to actively participate and engage in learning. This campaign focuses on assisting families by providing Microsoft Surface Go Pros and Tech Training to parents and students. Teaching students and parents skills, platforms, and ways to best tackle assigned work from schools. We must take a stance and create opportunities to assist our children. There is an undeniable need for relationships to be formed amongst students, parents, and educators and this pandemic has revealed to us that this must be a priority for all stakeholders.  By supplying the resources, skills, and tools to families, we are creating opportunities for the academic success  of our students.

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