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Though Curriculum design and development can be difficult for many, this ongoing process is necessary for effective teaching and learning. Our program is designed to develop an effective scope and sequence of instruction and to increase a teacher’s awareness of the school’s curriculum and instructional strategies that promote critical thinking amongst students. This service will allow teacher’s to engage in one-on-one conferences with educators who are proficient in curriculum design and instructional strategies. We will identify the deficiencies or gaps within disciplinary areas that represent what teachers assess and teach. We will then compare the goals of the existing curriculum to the instructional goals and shifts of the actual state.

It is the mission of this program to formulate plans with teachers and schools on how to improve a curriculum's objective and most importantly the need for pedagogical change. This program will enhance a school’s instruction by working with individual teachers or clusters to create or revise curriculum that is specific to the school's needs.

Curriculum Development

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