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Our U.S. History Interactive Notebook

This U.S. History Interactive Notebook is a great tool to meet the needs of all learners. This notebook serves many purposes. It can be used as a reference that students can use throughout the year, as well as, an anchor to ensure that students are meeting and exceeding the standards taught. Each Learning Outcome and Aim is aligned with a specific interactive strategy or organizer that will require students to become critical thinkers. If you would like a book, that is aligned to the U.S. History and APUSH curriculum, you have found it.

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Our Global History Interactive Notebook

This workbook allows students to examine Global History and Geography II content and activities. The workbook is arranged chronologically beginning with The World in 1750 and ending in Contemporary Issues, to give students a better understanding of scope and sequence. This Global History & Geography II Interactive Workbook gives students the ultimate opportunity to understand the connections between enduring issues and the impact they have on the many civilizations around the world. It allows you (the instructor) to have students complete activities that encourages them to make connections between the assigned notes, videos, and open ended questions you have presented, in class and during distance learning.

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